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Time Worksheets

Are you looking for the best time worksheets on the internet? Look no further! Our free time worksheets are perfect for teaching students to read a clock, calculate elapsed time, solve start and ending times, and tackle word problems. Our interactive worksheets make it easy for students to learn important concepts related to telling time and understanding intervals between two points in time. With our engaging activities, your students can quickly and accurately practice all of the skills related to telling time. No more wasting "time" looking for worksheets, get your students learning with our top-notch time worksheets today!
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Reading a Clock Link
Identifying Hour and Minute Hands
 - identifying-hour-and-minute-hands worksheet  - identifying-hour-and-minute-hands worksheet
Reading a Clock (Half Hour Increments)
 - reading-a-clock-half-hour-increments worksheet  - reading-a-clock-half-hour-increments worksheet
Matching Clocks (Half Hour Increments)
 - matching-clocks-half-hour-increments worksheet  - matching-clocks-half-hour-increments worksheet
Creating Clocks (Half Hour Increments)
 - creating-clocks-half-hour-increments worksheet  - creating-clocks-half-hour-increments worksheet
Reading a Clock (5 Minute Increments)
 - reading-a-clock-5-minute-increments worksheet  - reading-a-clock-5-minute-increments worksheet
Matching Clocks (5 Minute Increments)
 - matching-clocks-5-minute-increments worksheet  - matching-clocks-5-minute-increments worksheet
Creating Clocks (5 Minute Increments)
 - creating-clocks-5-minute-increments worksheet  - creating-clocks-5-minute-increments worksheet
Reading An Analog Clock (15 minute increments)
 - reading-an-analog-clock-15-minute-increments worksheet  - reading-an-analog-clock-15-minute-increments worksheet
Matching Clocks (15 minute increments)
 - matching-clocks-15-minute-increments worksheet  - matching-clocks-15-minute-increments worksheet
Creating Clocks (15 Minute Increments)
 - creating-clocks-15-minute-increments worksheet  - creating-clocks-15-minute-increments worksheet
Reading a Clock (1 Minute Increments)
 - reading-a-clock-1-minute-increments worksheet  - reading-a-clock-1-minute-increments worksheet
Matching Clocks (1 Minute Increments)
 - matching-clocks-1-minute-increments worksheet  - matching-clocks-1-minute-increments worksheet
Creating Clocks (1 Minute Increments)
 - creating-clocks-1-minute-increments worksheet  - creating-clocks-1-minute-increments worksheet
Determining Starting Time Link
Time Only
 - time-only worksheet  - time-only worksheet
Word Problems
 - word-problems worksheet  - word-problems worksheet
Finding Start Time with a Numberline
 - finding-start-time-with-a-numberline worksheet  - finding-start-time-with-a-numberline worksheet
Finding Start Time in a Table
 - finding-start-time-in-a-table worksheet  - finding-start-time-in-a-table worksheet
Determining Elapsed Time Link
Time Only
 - time-only worksheet  - time-only worksheet
Word - Multiples of 5
 - word-multiples-of-5 worksheet  - word-multiples-of-5 worksheet
Finding Elapsed Time with a Numberline
 - finding-elapsed-time-with-a-numberline worksheet  - finding-elapsed-time-with-a-numberline worksheet
Finding Elasped Time in a Table
 - finding-elasped-time-in-a-table worksheet  - finding-elasped-time-in-a-table worksheet
Determining Ending Time Link
Time Only
 - time-only worksheet  - time-only worksheet
Word Problems
 - word-problems worksheet  - word-problems worksheet
Finding Ending Time with a Numberline
 - finding-ending-time-with-a-numberline worksheet  - finding-ending-time-with-a-numberline worksheet
Finding Ending Time in a Table
 - finding-ending-time-in-a-table worksheet  - finding-ending-time-in-a-table worksheet
Misc Time Link
Determining Time (Using Rounding)
 - determining-time-using-rounding worksheet  - determining-time-using-rounding worksheet
Converting Times
 - converting-times worksheet  - converting-times worksheet
Identifying Time Phrases
 - identifying-time-phrases worksheet  - identifying-time-phrases worksheet
Converting Hours to Days
 - converting-hours-to-days worksheet  - converting-hours-to-days worksheet
Converting Days to Weeks
 - converting-days-to-weeks worksheet  - converting-days-to-weeks worksheet
Reading a Calender
 - reading-a-calender worksheet  - reading-a-calender worksheet
Solving Calender Word Problems
 - solving-calender-word-problems worksheet  - solving-calender-word-problems worksheet