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Lines Worksheets

Our free lines worksheets are perfect for reinforcing your students' understanding of parallel and perpendicular lines. These lines worksheets feature a variety of activities, including identifying and labeling lines, drawing lines to match given angles, and finding the slope of lines. With plenty of practice problems to choose from, our lines worksheets are the perfect resource for students of all ages. So why wait? Start strengthening your students' lines skills today with our free and comprehensive lines worksheets.
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Identifying Lines Link
Perpendicular, Parallel & Intersecting
 - perpendicular-parallel-intersecting worksheet  - perpendicular-parallel-intersecting worksheet
Matching Lines
 - matching-lines worksheet  - matching-lines worksheet
Analyzing Lines, Rays, Segments and Angles
 - analyzing-lines-rays-segments-and-angles worksheet  - analyzing-lines-rays-segments-and-angles worksheet