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Capacity Worksheets

Our capacity worksheets are the best on the internet! They are free to use and will help your students master the concept of capacity. With clear explanations and plenty of practice problems, these capacity worksheets are perfect for classrooms or at-home learning. Whether you're a teacher looking for a new resource or a parent trying to help your child with homework, these capacity worksheets are the best choice. And the best part? They're completely free! So why wait? Try our capacity worksheets today and watch your students excel in their understanding of capacity.
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American Link
American Capacity (visual)
 - american-capacity-visual worksheet  - american-capacity-visual worksheet
American Capacity (word)
 - american-capacity-word worksheet  - american-capacity-word worksheet
Converting American Capacity
 - converting-american-capacity worksheet  - converting-american-capacity worksheet
Converting Mixed American Volume
 - converting-mixed-american-volume worksheet  - converting-mixed-american-volume worksheet
Metric Link
Metric Capacity (visual)
 - metric-capacity-visual worksheet  - metric-capacity-visual worksheet
Metric Capacity (word)
 - metric-capacity-word worksheet  - metric-capacity-word worksheet
Converting Metric Capacity
 - converting-metric-capacity worksheet  - converting-metric-capacity worksheet
Converting Mixed Metric Volume
 - converting-mixed-metric-volume worksheet  - converting-mixed-metric-volume worksheet
American and Metric Link
Balancing Mixed Measurements
 - balancing-mixed-measurements worksheet  - balancing-mixed-measurements worksheet