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Line Plot Worksheets

If you're looking for the best line plot worksheets on the internet, you've come to the right place! Our free line plot worksheets are perfect for students of all ages and skill levels. These worksheets cover everything from basic line plots to more advanced topics like double line plots and missing data. With our line plot worksheets, your students will learn how to interpret and create line plots, analyze data, and make predictions based on their findings. Whether you're a teacher looking for a new way to introduce line plots to your class or a student looking to reinforce your understanding of this important concept, these line plot worksheets are sure to be a valuable resource. So why wait? Start using our line plot worksheets today and watch your students' skills and confidence grow!
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Reading a Line Plot Link
Interpreting a line plot
 - interpreting-a-line-plot worksheet  - interpreting-a-line-plot worksheet
Finding Difference with Fractional Line Plots
 - finding-difference-with-fractional-line-plots worksheet  - finding-difference-with-fractional-line-plots worksheet
Creating a Line Plot Link
Measuring and Plotting (whole numbers)
 - measuring-and-plotting-whole-numbers worksheet  - measuring-and-plotting-whole-numbers worksheet
Measuring and Showing Data
 - measuring-and-showing-data worksheet  - measuring-and-showing-data worksheet
Creating Line Plots with Fractions (2,4,8)
 - creating-line-plots-with-fractions-2-4-8 worksheet  - creating-line-plots-with-fractions-2-4-8 worksheet