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Multistep Worksheets

The multi-step word problems worksheets are the best way to help students practice their skills in solving complex math problems. Our worksheets are the best on the internet and they are completely free to use. These worksheets provide a variety of problems that require students to use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills in order to find the solution. Perfect for introducing PEDMAS or just for a giving students a bit more of a challenge our multi-step word problems worksheets have what you need. With a variety of difficulty levels and problem types, these worksheets are sure to challenge and engage students of all abilities.
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Determining Correct Equation Link
Add, Sub, Mult & Div
 - add-sub-mult-div worksheet  - add-sub-mult-div worksheet
Solving Mixed Problems
 - solving-mixed-problems worksheet  - solving-mixed-problems worksheet
Parenthesis Link
Solving with Parenthesis
 - solving-with-parenthesis worksheet  - solving-with-parenthesis worksheet
Two Step Problems Link
Add & Subtract
 - add-subtract worksheet  - add-subtract worksheet
Add & Multiply
 - add-multiply worksheet  - add-multiply worksheet
Add then Divide
 - add-then-divide worksheet  - add-then-divide worksheet
Subtract & Add
 - subtract-add worksheet  - subtract-add worksheet
Subtract & Multiply
 - subtract-multiply worksheet  - subtract-multiply worksheet
Subtract & Divide
 - subtract-divide worksheet  - subtract-divide worksheet
Multiply then Add
 - multiply-then-add worksheet  - multiply-then-add worksheet
Two Step Problems (Multiply then Divide)
 - two-step-problems-multiply-then-divide worksheet  - two-step-problems-multiply-then-divide worksheet
Two Step Problems (Multiply then Subtract)
 - two-step-problems-multiply-then-subtract worksheet  - two-step-problems-multiply-then-subtract worksheet