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Temperature Worksheets

Looking for the best temperature worksheets on the internet? Look no further! Our temperature worksheets are perfect for helping students learn about temperatures, thermometers and converting Fahrenheit. With our free temperature worksheets, you can be sure that your students gain a full understanding of temperature concepts before they move onto more difficult topics. Our worksheets feature images and diagrams of thermometers to help students visualize the concept of temperature while they practice using a variety of formulas. We also include detailed explanations and clear examples of how to use formulas in converting Fahrenheit to Celsius. We're sure our temperature worksheets will make learning about this topic easy for your students!
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Reading a Thermometer Link
0° - 100° (10s labeled)
 - 0°-100°-10s-labeled worksheet  - 0°-100°-10s-labeled worksheet
Matching Thermometers
 - matching-thermometers worksheet  - matching-thermometers worksheet
Finding Temperature Difference Link
Finding Differences (With Thermometer)
 - finding-differences-with-thermometer worksheet  - finding-differences-with-thermometer worksheet
Word Problems 0° - 100° F
 - word-problems-0°-100°-f worksheet  - word-problems-0°-100°-f worksheet
Converting Temperatures Link
Celsius to Fahrenheit
 - celsius-to-fahrenheit worksheet  - celsius-to-fahrenheit worksheet
Fahrenheit to Celsius
 - fahrenheit-to-celsius worksheet  - fahrenheit-to-celsius worksheet